This is what my lovely students have been saying about the classes and workshops:


The atmosphere is beautiful, the practice is balanced, Carly has a really pleasant voice and her instructions and guidance is clear and safe. Her classes fit everybody. All my friends who have come along over the time – beginners or those who have practised yoga before – have loved Lakes Yoga. Carly reads helpful quotes and poetry from time to time and there hasn’t been a class that I have not liked.

I have also attended one of the day Workshops and it was the best yoga-related thing I have ever done! It was so thoroughly prepared, well-flowing and recharging. Try it! You will love it!





Having practiced yoga for over 20 years I can honestly say that Carly’s classes are the best I have attended. Each session is different – warming up to strong poses, then cooling down to an relaxing savasana. All props and blankets are provided too. 😊

It’s my favourite hour and a half of the week! 🙏




Fantastic workshop today. Left feeling relaxed and energised. A beautiful setting and warm friendly people. Carly is a lovely teacher and very nurturing. Can’t wait for the next workshop.




I’ve been to a few day workshops with Carly, travelling down from the North East to Cumbria, and can 💯 % recommend them. The setting at Fell Top is absolutely breathtaking-beautiful views of the mountains and lake, a stream and waterfall running by, and a forest for relaxing walks. The ambience is amazing and truly relaxing. Carly is very warm-natured and gentle in both her approach and practice. The day is mixed in with invigorating yoga in the morning in the Fell Top building followed by a gorgeous spread of healthy dishes for lunch (usually enjoyed outside if the weather is good) and then yoga nidra in the afternoon. I also love how Carly mixes in poetry or meaningful words as part of the sessions relevant to the theme of the day. Some of the workshops have been emotional-throwing flowers into the stream as a way of saying goodbye/letting go of something in our lives-but they’ve also allowed time just for ‘me’, a rarity in today’s full-on world.
I’ve learned new things too-I’d never heard of earthing until I came to one of Carly’s days and found myself barefoot in the forest while sat around a campfire drinking a mug of hot herbal tea. On top of this I’ve also met some lovely people. Everyone is always super-friendly and welcoming. If you’re thinking of booking a class or workshop don’t worry even hesitate-do it. You won’t regret it ❤️




Thank you Carly for an amazing yurty yoga day 😃Loved every minute of it. Wonderful setting and lovely people…. great food too!! Your a fabulous teacher, so happy to have met you 🙏🏼




I have been to Carly’s class on a couple of occasions and she is a superb mentor; a hugely calming influence, hugely knowledgeable, caring and funny. I felt like a new man after last night’s session and slept so well! Highly recommended.




I’ve been lucky enough to attend two of the Lakes Yoga workshops run by Carly in beautiful settings. The spaces are warm and welcoming, the content for the day is so thoughtful and delightfully chosen and the food and drink provided is nourishing and healthy. The workshops are an incredible way of giving yourself that “you” time, giving you the space to explore who you are, how your body and mind work and replenishing your resources. I would be at every one if I could spare the time away from my family so I would recommend them to anyone.




I have been practising yoga with Carly for over a year, I feel much stronger mentally and physically and find her classes uplifting, its the only exercise class I really enjoy going to every week! She is a great teacher and you can tell she puts a lot of time and effort into planning the sessions, would definitely recommend her classes to anyone who wants to improve their wellbeing.




It took me a year after moving to South Lakeland to find Carly’s classes. The one thing I missed about York, where I moved from, was my wonderful yoga class. Carly’s classes to me are what yoga is all about. Time to connect mind, body, spirit – and nature. There’s no rush; a gentle ease into class to arrive on the mat, building up to an always very-well-thought-out, gradual, themed flow of asanas before easing into relaxation, meditation or savasana to absorb all of the goodness! The venue is, well, magical!! In the forest, by a stream with Lakeland Fells and Windermere ever present to see us off on our journey home until next time. I love being drawn to nature and it’s cycles. At the Footprint you are literally in nature and it would be hard to miss the seasonal changes. Carly draws our attention to the nature all around us and weaves it’s wisdom and learnings into our yoga practice. A perfect mix of ease, flow, opening, strength and connection. I am very grateful to have found Carly’s classes. 🙏🏻




Carly is a wonderful yoga teacher. Open, relaxed, warm and yet also gently challenging. I always learn something new and love her classes.




We booked Carly for my daughters birthday party last year …  YOGA birthday party ,  All the children absolutely loved her session including my daughter who has booked her again for her birthday this year . My daughter loved it so much and couldn’t wait to book again… I highly recommend this incredibly talented and professional lady and her awesome classes…She’s certainly inspired my little people




I started Yoga with Carly a year ago. I have a Degenerative Disk Disease in my spine and neck. The classes are so relaxed, mindful of ability and you feel cared for with no pressure to produce impossible poses. Its the best I have felt within myself for a long time. Can not wait to return after a year of four subsequent operations. Best thing for healing, relaxing and building core strength. An absolute must for me. 💛🙏




As a newbie to yoga, Carly’s classes and workshops opened my eyes, she made it accessible, welcoming and challenging all at the same time! I am not living in The Lakes right now and these beautiful classes are one of the biggest things that I miss! The calm, the space and the beauty of movement – yes I am sure I can find elsewhere but in this case it became truely special and I think unique!




Friendly and professional – Carly is an excellent yoga teacher and her sessions are not only therapeuticand a great workout, they are fun too! Can’t wait until my wrist heals so I can get back to class x 


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