Busy Brain at Bedtime

The bedtime meditations continue…
So last night was the night before Jacob returned back to school after a summer off. He starting juniors this morning… and this is a big deal for a 7.5 year old!
I came home from teaching a little later than usual, so was expecting him to be asleep.
However, he came downstairs shortly after I arrived and declared “I’m tired, but can’t sleep mummy, I really want to be asleep”. “Don’t worry darling, you will, do some things that you know will help you, and try not to worry about not sleeping”. Then, after a kiss and cuddle up he went back to bed….
I popped up there 10 minutes later to check on him, only to find him laying on his back eyes closed with his ‘Yoga pebble’ on his forehead and belly moving slowly up and down…. (such a cutey!)
I sat next to him and started stroking his arm and talking him through feeling his heavy body, his arms, legs, feet and head… feeling his breathe and noticing if his mind felt busy (like the jar of glitter I explained – that I took into Yoga at school to demonstrate a busy mind). He said that he didn’t think he was thinking of anything…
So I left it at that, and continued talking about his breathing and then telling him that his sunshine filled heart continues to help fill our hearts with sunshine also…. a few more arm strokes and I left him to it. “Nan night sweetheart, you will fall asleep now”….
Pretty sure he was asleep before I reached the bottom step!
This made me think about the fact that children (and adults) aren’t actually aware of all the busy thoughts, excitement, plans, memories, ideas…going around in their heads.
As a parent, I knew that Jacob was excited/nervous about returning to school in the morning, and that was what was most likely preventing him settle like usual… but he didn’t see it. He didn’t think he had a busy mind, because his mind was busy all day long, and well, he is used to it!
I decided last night to just talk about the physical sensations that he was experiencing, while giving him some encouragement and letting him know how much he is loved, and how proud we are of him. I told him, he will fall asleep and he will get all the sleep he needs…
It worked last night. But I will definitely be retuning to the idea of him recognising a ‘busy brain’…
Will keep you posted!

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