Yoga Inspired Poetry

This is a selection of some of the poems I have written and often shared in class… I hope you enjoy! x

Buddha Statue

As the cold breeze hit her in the face, so did the heart warming realisation.

Everything she craved,
everything she wanted to be,
everything she needed,
everything she was looking for…
it was right there.

She didnt want to wrap up warm as she reached this summit, instead she stripped back a layer and yelled as loud as she could,

“Yes! I am enough!”

She took a deep exhalation,
Letting go of the past
Letting go of doubt
Letting go of fear.

Then she inhaled.
She inhaled her truth.
She inhaled enough.

Enough to realise that that mountains she had climbed before, all shared the same path.

The path that led her to this place.
The path that led her home.


What if.

What if this is enough.This is it.

Content in this moment.

What if, just for now you can be. Just that.

The past is done. The future… who knows.

Right now, what if this is the only place you are?

The future, the plans. They don’t need to stop.

But what if, just for now, they weren’t everything.

Just for now, right now. This is everything. This is everything real.

Here. Now. How does it feel?

What if this was all that mattered right now?

A new beginning


What does this mean?
Do we need to change?

The change is already in us.
We have already been there.

All the hurts, love, thoughts, questions, answers.
They have journey’d around our mind so many times before.

Know what is true.
For you.

Know what you believe.
Understand your own journey.

Trust your own trust.
Don’t question your own heart.

You hold the answers already.
You have already found them before.

Do we need to change to be something new?
Or just return to the truth.

Your truth,
Your heart.
Your past.
Your future.
Your now.


She stopped for a moment.
Took a pause longer than normal.
For the journey she was on, was far.

She stopped for a moment.
To seek the truth.
For without being true to herself, it would all be a lie.

I am me.
I am true.
I am that.

Her true and authentic self was her best friend.
It wasn’t a mirror she needed to look for her.
It was in her heart.
She felt it.
She was content.

She stopped for a moment.
To honour the being that she is.
Not embarrassed to like herself.
Not embarrassed to care.
For self love is the most important love there is.
Without it, how could she love others, how could she care?

She stopped for a moment.
She was content.

Young athletic woman practicing yoga on a meadow at sunset, silhouette

Stop trying so hard.
Take a moment.
Use this time.
Take off the mask you have been wearing in different forms all day long.
Use this moment of expressionless thought to truly connect.

Stop trying so hard.
Find softness.
In this moment, offer yourself the chance to accept
Who, and what you truly are
How, and where you truly feel it.
Use this moment to be authentic to yourself.

Stop trying so hard.
Don’t force the moment to happen.
For it will.
Under the mask is the real you, in all shapes and forms.
Its real, its happening.
Its you.

Stop trying so hard.
Forget the past.
Forget the future.
Focus on now.
This is the moment.

Stop trying so hard.
No more self judgment.
More compassion
In this moment.
For you.
Right now.


But I ache,
Said the body to the mind.
But I am too busy,
Said the mind to the body.
But I am broken,
Said the heart to the mind.
But I am tired,
Said the body to the broken heart.

But you will feel better.
Feel more alive.
Feel more you.
The real you.
The true you.
Said the soul to the mind, body and heart.

All those things are just excuses.
Excuses to make you keep being those things.
Accept those things.
Then in one breath
It can all change.

sunny brow wood

Allow this time.
Spend a moment.
Follow the journey that is made thousands of times every single day.
Connect right now.
Be thankful for it.
Without it, you are not.

Allow this time.
Draw your awareness in.
The rest is on hold. You have shut the door to be opened again later.
Connect right now.
Feel whats happening.
Explore as if new.

Allow this time.
What can you feel?
Where does that journey take you? New places are awaiting to be explored.
Connect right now.
It only takes one breath.
Just one.

outside yurt

Find that sweet surrenderas the pull of gravity awaits.

Give yourself this time.


Make no effort to be here.
You deserve this time.

The work is done.
Turn the off switch on.

Feel that sweet surrender.
As your body becomes heavier.
Your mind lighter.

Give permission to let go in this moment.
Allow your breath to anchor your thoughts to now.

Make no effort to be here.
Your body
your mind
your soul.

Surrender to the sweetness.

girl under a tree in the park

She stopped for a moment.
Barely scratched beneath the surface to find it.
There it was.
So powerful.

All along. It was there.
Such a cliche.
Such power. Such magnitude.
such grace.
Such beauty.
Such honesty.

Dig deep?
No need.

It was already there.
She was already there.
It’s always there.

All that was needed was a gentle reminder.
A guide.
A path to walk down.

This path,
she needed to walk alone.
For what it was couldn’t be seen
Only felt in her heart. In her gut.

It wasn’t good. It wasn’t bad. It was truth.
It was her. It was everything.

She needed to walk the walk.
She had been lost in the forest before.
The wrong timing.
The wrong moment.

But this is now.
This is the time.
This is the right moment,
there is no other.

She stopped.
Went beneath the surface.
Dug deeper.

What was there?
She was couldn’t wait to explore.

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