Intention Setting

Intention setting has become a huge part of my life. Whether its part of a ceremony during a workshop, in a 1:1, at the start of a yoga class, or within my own Yoga practice.


Setting an intention about my practice, day, week, year, life… all are so important.

I have myself had an emotional release when intention setting, and have witnessed many others have a tear also.

If you have yet to try setting an intention – give it a go. Stay positive, and keep it simple. Then trust…in the unfolding of whatever it is. When you set an intention in a heartfelt manner, say it in a way as though its all ready happening. You can silently repeat your intention in your mind, light a candle to represent the intention being ignited, let go of a leaf or petal in a stream and watch your intention get carried away by the water or through something natural into the wind. The options are limitless….

Give it a go!


Woman meditating at rocky mountain on sunrise in Hampi, India. Close-up of hand mudra

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