Bedtime meditations…

Since I posted about Jacob’s meditations on facebook I have had many people contact me saying how touched they were, and a few of you inspired to try out some meditations with your own children…..with is just beautiful to hear.

I have been thinking a lot about this, and as my work with children continues in primary schools, with one to one work, and with my own child, I have realised how little opportunity there is for our children, the future, to STOP and just BE.

Mind you, this is the same for adults…!

Jacob (my son) has asked me numerous times now to do a bedtime meditation, and sometimes we get elaborate thinking about different feelings, sensations, emotions, places…but to be honest, just like with adults in my regular classes, giving him the chance to just be still, and observe his breath… that is the key. It hasn’t needed to be much more than that. I just jazz it up now and again!

The other day I lead a short Yoga practice with some 3-8 year olds mostly new to Yoga…in savasana (the relaxation at the end…where they laid on there backs watching their breath make their belly get bigger and smaller), none of them wanted to get up! A chance to rest during their waking day….

Today I observed at the end of our Yoga class, groups of 4-10 year olds lying on the grass, with all sorts of sounds going on around them, just watching and experiencing their breath within the middle of their school day. A chance to rest, and connect, even with distractions….

Looking back on my childhood I cant remember having this opportunity. Perhaps I didnt need it as much as I feel many children need today? But one thing’s for sure, it certainly wouldn’t have done me any harm!

In this sometimes crazy and fast paced world, where some people are struggling to entertain their kids, make their kids tired, give them something to do… Wouldn’t it be great to help our children find out that they can just be. They can be bored. They can be calm. They can be this, or that. They can just be.

By giving a child a moment to STOP…check in. Feel themselves. Feel their reality. Breathe. If only for a short while, the benefits could be amazing.

We need to guide and encourage them….they don’t all ask for this chance. They don’t sign themselves up for a Yoga class! But they do all breathe…and this is where the magic can happen.

Ask your child to lay down. Feel their breath. And notice.

And while you’re at it…how are you feeling today?


June 15th 2018

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