‘Yoganating’ Pebbles

I use pebbles in my children’s yoga classes for savasana. I place a pebble (if they are wanting one) on the child’s forehead in between their eyebrows. They then can focus on that pebble whilst observing their breath laying still in savasana (relaxation).

In December I gave all my pebbles away so had to buy more ‘yoga pebbles’ from a local gem stone shop for my January classes. My son asked me how come they are yoga pebbles, and will we have to ‘yoganate’ them?… so we did. The ceremony involved lots of candles, chanting, burning incense sticks, singing bowls, and lots of Oms! He loved it and so did I!  The pebbles definitely felt more ‘yoga-y’ after our ceremony in the lounge!!

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