My mum posted this picture of me on facebook a few weeks back…

...saying "perhaps my daughter was always destined to be a Yoga teacher"  

And I would like to think she was right! 27 years on, here I am... still making daisy chains and sitting on the grass in bare feet when I can!

In 2012 I started my Yoga Teacher Training, and from the day I taught my first asana to a group of fellow aspiring Yoga teachers, I knew I had made the most amazing decision of my life so far. I absolutely LOVE teaching Yoga! So much so, that I have just given up owning and running a cafe to teach full time! Best decision I have made.

One of the things I have learnt about being a Yoga teacher, is that I will always remain a student. There is still so much for me to learn, and there will continue to be new findings to discover.  Its also a very good excuse to meet up with fellow Yogis and Yoginis now and again to attend workshops, further teacher training, and go on Yoga holidays!

Alongside teaching my regular classes, doing 1:1 sessions and running an after school kids Yoga club, I plan to now and again write some little this one; but perhaps a little more factual and Yoga related! Watch this space, and maybe join in with me to share, learn and discover more. I welcome any ideas, thoughts and feelings related to 'Yoga Blogs', so do get in touch.

Love and Light

Carly  x


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